A little E-motion makes the world go around

Geomagworld spins heads with fast-paced range. 

Magical forces that excite.

In 1998 Geomagworld created the first magnetic construction toy; that quickly became a global sensation. Using minimal elements, such as magnetic rods, metal spheres and plastic panels, which are held together to allow users to build amazing structures. The Swiss brand is a global sensation and has released a new E-motion range for 2022. Bringing high-speed, high-intensity magnetic spinning to children allows them to learn all about the invisible forces and challenge each other to create the best spinning top they can

Geomag’s toys are universally recognized to promote fine motor skill and stimulate the senses of touch and sight.  Magnetic construction toys can help children become familiar with shapes, patterning skills, problem-solving as well as improved concentration levels, imagination, and ability. Through play, children can learn so much more about physics, and Geomag is committed to making playtime as accessible and exciting as possible.


Embrace movement and motion.

By using the strength and energy from the magnets users can make their own spinning tops and suspended models that will spin around. The fast-action, fast-paced E-motion sets from Geomag provide endless fun that everyone will enjoy. Whether a child creates their own spinning tops and tests how long each one spins or takes on their friends and family to spin-offs and spinning challenges, there are so many ways to play. Who can build the strongest spinner? Who can make their spinner spin the longest, or turn the fastest? What happens when two spinners collide? Playtime just got a serious upgrade.

Get spinning with three new sets.

Geomag’s new E-Motion range is a thrilling launch for 2022. Three new sets that get children levelling up their building and spinning skills.  Learning all about invisible forces, such as magnetism, gravity, propulsion, friction, and acceleration. The brand-new sets include Geomag (028) E-motion Recycled Panels Flowpack 9-piece set. – A great pack to pick up and start the journey into motion, physics, and magnetics. The Geomag E-motion (029) Recycled pack is assorted in three styles, children can collect them all and take on their friends to see can spin the best. Finally, the Geomag (038) E-motion Panels Recycled 32-piece set allows children to create the biggest spinner from Geomag, with 32 pieces this spinner really means business. Fully compatible with all other E-motion sets, it is ideal to learn and play in an exciting and speedy way.

The Geomag E-motion is available at numerous high-street stores and online retailers. Prices start from just $5.00.

For more information visit www.geomagworld.com

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