How to keep your toddler entertained for free

Being a parent in 2022 can be overwhelming. Not only do you have access to so much information and ideas, but there are so many products and services that experts recommend you buy that it can feel like you’re spending money every day. We’ve put together some ways that you can keep your toddler entertained for free this summer. Put your purse away!

Make use of YouTube

Okay, let’s start with one of the most obvious ones. Although sites like Netflix and Disney+ offer some great content for toddlers and young people, the truth is that you’ll find endless hours of entertainment that will keep both you and your little one entertained when you’re at home and on the go. For example, we love the free kids cartoons from Everything’s Rosie; you can head off on adventures and learn skills together, or let them watch independently.

toddler playing water

Get creative

Another way to have lots of fun without spending money is to get creative. You can turn old shoe boxes and toilet paper holders into rockets and spaceships, and perform shows in your living room. Getting creative with leftover goods and waste products from around the house is a smart way to encourage both creative thinking and recycling. Plus, once you’re done, you can pop your handmade toys in the trash to be recycled into something else. The same can be done outdoors – collecting twigs to make your own fort, or shells to create homemade necklaces can be good fun and encourage your children to spend more time in nature.

Encourage independent play

Another way to save money when raising a child is to encourage independent play. Your kids don’t need to be with you every minute of the day – letting them spend some time on their own will encourage creative thinking, boost their confidence, and allow them to explore on their own. They might play games, read books, or even come up with an imaginary friend!

Go for walks

Going for walks with your children is another great way to spend time together and keep them entertained – without spending money. Whether you live by the sea, in the countryside, or in a city, you can head off on foot and explore your local area. Turn it into a game by asking your toddler to spot things as they go, whether it’s birds, fish, or yellow cars. You can keep a count of what you see on your trips and perhaps even keep a nature diary at home.

Do you have any other strategies for keeping your children entertained without spending any money? We’d love to hear them! Put them in the comments and check back soon for more.

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